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  • About Us:

    Namaste & welcomes to our online store

    Ex Gurkha Khukuri House is registered under Industry Business Act 2049,Section 3(ka) and under the same Act,Article 4 & 5 in section 10,and has registered at Nepal Government Company Register Office(Reg No: 87739/065/066), and also registered in Chamber of Commerce and federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal.

    Ex Gurkha Khukuri House is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Nepalese Gurkha knives Khukuri/ Kukri established in 1999. Our Khukuris blades ranges from home used made typical knives to full fledged army knives used by The Gurkhas. EGKH has a wide range of varieties (More than 200 items) based on Traditional, Army, Decorative, Souvenir, working blades etc. The company is the official suplier of the khukuris to the British Gurkha Unit, Marine Corps, Nepal Army, Nepal Police and Indian Gurkas. In course of time we have also supplied khukuries to the Pakistan, USA, German Embassies, Travel companies, Manpower Companies, Group 4 Security, UNMIN, The carter center and Banks as well. In this already over crowded and gratuitously competed khukuri business where majority of people sell fake and imitation, Ex GURKHA KHUKURI HOUSE or better known as EGKH stands out and reigns because of the simple and sincere fact that EGKH is GENUINE. It is also the finest and largest manufacturer and retailer of original khukuris since 1999 and embraces a strong reputation as being the official supplier and maker for the British Gurkhas. Similarly its strict adherence to superior quality, total professionalism, 100% originality and fair prices have always differentiated EGKH from the rest. Furthermore its priceless dedication and contribution in saving the state of Khukuri/Kukri which was in the verge of extinction and promoting it to the international level have intensely defined EGKH. Lastly and most importantly EGKH’s remarkable commitment and motivation in uplifting the standard and status of Kamis and their unique craftsmanship that was in dire striates have set EGKH in the history book in its own right.

    We do have two showrooms located at thamel-29 & lazimpat infront of the hotel Radisson respectively and our office is located at lazimpat near hotel raddison . Wholesaling, Exporting and online Marketing is done in our office.

    We have our factory in Dharan (eastern Nepal), 650 kilometers far from Kathmandu,named New Bishwakarma Khukuri Udyog(Reg No:322/056/057) The factory is under the chairmanship of Mr. Nawaraj Ramdam. It’s been about 10 years that he’s been manufacturing Khukuris. More than 200 Metal smith(kamis ) from bhojpure, salyan, dhankuta and chainpure are employed in the factory. Our craftsmen are so efficient and dedicated that they are able to produce any type of the khukuris in any said design and engrave with artistic patterns on special order.

    Our khukuris are original, strong and graceful. They are totally made by the professional metal smith by hand from hammering the hot high grade carbon steel to fixing the handle into it (except the shining of the blade is done by buffing machine).
    EGKH - The Company Facts:

       1. Ex Gurkha Khukuri House is the finest and largest Khukuri maker/Producer/Manufacturer in Nepal.
       2. Company Owned and run by Gurkha family(Chhetri) and factory run by Bishwokarmas or Metal Smith “KAMI” (Born to Khukuri Makers).
       3. A company, Establish to promote kukri and keep equal ranking of Kami’s economy.
       4. Official Khukuri/kukri supplier to Gurkha unit in Kathmandu, Royal Nepalese Army and Nepal Police.
       5. We have a two showroom for retailing a gurkha knife khukuri/kukri(Thamel and lazimpat)
       6. Handmade by “Bishwakarmas” (Born khukuri Makers) using the top quality materials in a very traditional way with predictable tools .
       7. More verities at reasonable price with cheapest shipping price.
       8. Experiences and Existences more than 20 years.
       9. 5% of Company Annual net profit goes directly to welfares and assistants to those Kukri maker families who are in needs. If you want to know more about this humanitarian product running in Nepal or if you want participate in this programs, please let us know by email us at
    About Owner:

    We all know that , King Prithivi Narayan Shah; The great Warrior used “The Khukuri” to conquer and form a country “Nepal”.  After Uniting Nepal, he divided the country people under different caste and creeds and setup their works accordingly.For example:Chhetris had to join Army force(Gurkhas) because they were well known for their bravery, Brahmins had to perform religious works, kamis were asked to make the metal weapons like khukuris(kukri) and so on.

    From a young age, Mr.Himal Raj Giri (Managing Director of Ex Gurkha Khukuri House) became interested in khukuris as he is a guy from chetri family and mainly due to stories told to him by his grandfather, who served with the Gurkhas(Nepal Army). Then at the age of 10years old Himal began Training in Martial Arts. After receiving black belt 1st Dan in Kyoukosin karate in his early twenties he started instructing the junior players. Along with the martial arts background, Mr.Himal Raj Giri determined to combine his sport “karate” and weapon “the khukuri”. At first he joined one of the khukuri house in Thamel and worked there as a Manager for about 5 years. On that period he was able to know about khukuris, their history, importance and the Gurkhas as well. So with the knowledge he gained in those years and his love and respect towards the khukuris inspired him to start the khukuri bussiness of self with the motto of promoting handicraft items (esp.khukuris), upgrading lives of the kamis as well as other workers.

    Mr. Himal Raj Giri is dedicated and devoted to provide customer wih the best service,Value, meet the increasing demands and promote the khukuris ad its quality. As per the increasing demand of the genuine gurkha Kukris this company is been involved in exporting the best traditional khukuries throughout the world.

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