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Design Your Custom Kukri


  • Ex Gurkha Khukuri House is the manufactures, wholesalers, retails of the gurkha knifes. Since its establishment its been devoted to produce a quality blade along with that different logos and design are also made as per the customers demand.

    Its been many years that EX GURKHA khukuri house has been manufacturing genuine khukuris. We do have more than 400 items of our product but considering customers choice, we can also make yours own design khukuri and for that you need to send us a sample picture, type of blade, its thickness, shape, type of cover (scabberd), handle (length, thickness) or any other design that you prefer.just fill up the form below and let the masters do the making for “YOUR OWN CUSTOM KHUKURI/KUKRI”.


    Please contact us with below detail :

    Full Name:

    Phone Number :
    Demo Kukri ( for reference):
    Blade Measurement (inch):
    Handle Measurement (inch):
    Scabbard Type:
    Weight approx (gms):

    Comments and Suggestions:
    Your Logo or Design if you would like to engraved on the blade.


    please mail us at


    Imprint Slogan of Gurkhas - Victoria Crosses Imprint Nepal letter with Flag
    Imprint Brigade of Gurkgas
    Gorkha War Cry Word " Aayo Gorkhali" Imprint
    Imprint Slogan of Gurkhas - Victoria Crosses Picture
    Gurkhas Picture with kukri
    Gurkhas Picture with kukri
    Gurkhas Picture with kukri

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